Taman Tuah Perdana, Melaka Phase 1B



—CASUARINA Specification: 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms+ 2 Kitchens.
Built-Up Area Approximately: 1,126 sqft. Price from: RM148,800. Non-Bumiputera Size Unit: 20′ x 65′. Type: Single Storey Terrace House / Rumah Teres Satu Tingkat

—-TROPICANA Specification: 3 Bedrooms + 2 Bathrooms+ 2 Kitchens. Built-Up Area Approximately: 1,126 sqft. Price from: RM133,900. Bumiputera Size Unit: 20′ x 65′. Type: Single Storey Terrace House / Rumah Teres Satu Tingkat

To ensure a good quality of  healthy lifestyle for the residents, a 13.9 acres of land has been transform into an elegant and peaceful environment recreational parks for the residents to enjoys. The park is fully equipped  with a 2.3km jogging path, refleksologi area, a  children’s playground and an outdoor fitness station facilities. It is definitely a good place for leisure in the morning and evening.



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46 Responses to Taman Tuah Perdana, Melaka Phase 1B
  1. Masih available lagi ke rumah?

  2. the sample house already build for viewing?

  3. izit tat is freehold ?

  4. izit tat this house is free hold?

  5. Perlu bayar maintenance fee tak?

  6. for the taman tuah perdane.,melaka phase 1b – Is it leasehold or freehold?

  7. Kalau daftar prlu bwt pembayaran deposit 5rts tu skli ke?

  8. sy mahu booking rumah corner lot…ada lagi x..?

  9. dijangka siap bulan berape?

  10. Is end lot corner still available for non-bumiputra?
    May i know the price of it?


    • For further information (dont hesitate) pls contact me, Aslina -012-3083666/alin2601_ahmad@yahoo.com..Thanks..

  11. Is there any lot available now? I’m interested to get one. 1st time house buyer.

  12. Saya minat rumah teres model Tropicana. Status rumah “Hak Milik Kekal” atau “Pajakan”??

    • Status rumah pajakan 99 tahun (expired 2107)..selepas 99 tahun perlu renew geran sahaja ke 99 tahun lagi…

  13. hi..do u have semiD type house?

  14. berapa harga dia kl corner lot n montly brape ek kl untuk 20thn n 30thn.

    • corner lot yg ada skrg RM 207k..(Tinggal 2 unit)..monthly payment +-RM 1,200 (20 tahun) / +- RM 900 (30 tahun) itupun kalau deposit 10%…tp ada bank boleh ikat 35-40 tahun kalau muda lagi…terima kasih..

  15. Rumah yang jenis Casuarina tu still available ke?

    • Masih ada, sila datanglah ofis kami No.11-13,Jalan Bayan,Taman Bukit Katil,75460 Melaka atau call saya,012-3083666 untuk maklumat lanjut.

  16. i’m interested in taman tuah perdana.submitted registration form already.plz contact back

    • You may also come and visit our sales office at :-
      No.11-13,Jalan Bayan,Taman Bukit Katil,75460 Melaka or call our sales person at 012-3083666
      for more details.

  17. still available lagi???

  18. bila dijangka siap untuk rumah jenis lavender phase 1a?

  19. rumah corner lot ada lagi ke ?

  20. Salam,miss…pls call me at no 0167734786….urgent

  21. masih terdapat rumah untuk non bumi?

  22. Hi. Mr Kamal. Please call us for more details.

  23. is there still any available unit?

  24. Berapa harga rumah Phase 5c?

  25. Comment *
    hai, can i have detail for saffron phase 5c, please…?

  26. Comment *

    For Tuah Perdana, when can get the CP?

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